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Nicole is Vault’s Law Editor, and covers news and career advice relating to the legal industry on Vault’s Law Blog. Nicole has a J.D. from Georgetown Law and a B.A. from Williams College. Prior to joining Vault, she worked as an employment law associate at a large New York law firm.

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Who's Burning the Midnight Oil for Pfizer?

by Nicole Weber  |  May 01, 2014

Following last week's flurry of pharma deal activity, on Monday Pfizer announced its intention to acquire British drug maker and serious competitor AstraZeneca. Th Read More >

Which Lawyers Are Lining Up for Botox?

by Nicole Weber  |  April 24, 2014

OK, maybe not in the literal sense, but if you are an aspiring attorney interested in getting a piece of the pharma pie you can start salivating now. On Tuesday drug companies announced deals potentially worth a total of $74 billion, and the top law firms are all over that. Valeant Pharmaceuticals, a Canadian company, announced a $46 billion hostile bid for Botox-maker Read More >

Law Profs: Two-Year J.D. is a Terrible Idea

by Nicole Weber  |  April 18, 2014

Two acclaimed law professors have made their case against the two-year law degree while attempting to quell fears that legal education is in crisis. With all the negative talk about dropping law school enrollment and in-debt, unemployed law grads, it’s refreshing to hear a different perspective. Erwin Chemerinsky, dean and professor at UC Irvine School of Law and Carrie Menkel-Meadow, professor and UC Irvine School of Law and Read More >

Which Law Grads Have the Best Shot at Reducing Debt?

by Nicole Weber  |  April 07, 2014

U.S. News & World Report is just overflowing with law school data these days, just as Vault will be in a couple months with the release of our law firm rankings! The latest from U.S. News is a list of law schools with the highest salary-to-debt ratios. In other words, which law grads have the best chance of reducing their loan burden? The ratios were calculated by comparing median private sector salaries of 2012 grads to average debt among 2013 grads. The schools with the top five... Read More >

No Straight A's? No Worries

by Nicole Weber  |  April 01, 2014

In order to create the next generation of "deeper, fuller human beings," NYT columnist David Brooks has some tips for employers. Hiring managers, Brooks argues, have the power to break the mold when it comes to candidate selection, thereby shaping the quality of the rising ranks of professional leaders. I am tempted to say "don't try this at home" because until recruiters actually start following these practices, rewriting your cover letters into a stream-of-consciousness rant is probably... Read More >

Do I Have to Sit Behind a Desk All Summer?

by Nicole Weber  |  March 24, 2014

It’s another frigid day here on the East Coast, an uninspiring 31 degrees at the present moment, at what will hopefully be the tail end of a seemingly endless winter. But a hint of warm weather this past weekend plus the briefly heralded first day of spring last week has put summer on my brain. After all, it’s almost April. And this being Vault, any discussion of summer of course means a discussion about summer jobs! Inspired by my colleague Phil Stott’s delightful memories of his Read More >

This Week's Law Firms in the News - March 17, 2014

by Nicole Weber  |  March 18, 2014

Who are Vault's five favorite firms this week? Read More >

JD Employment Rates: The Numbers You Need to Know

by Nicole Weber  |  March 11, 2014

The deadline is soon approaching for law schools to report employment figures for the Class of 2013 to the National Association for Law Placement (NALP). In the meantime, where does the state of legal employment currently stand, according to NALP's latest statistics?* From the Class of 2012, 84.7% of students were employed nine months after graduation. This percentage includes any type of employment, not just attorney jobs. This is the lowest employment rate for law graduates in more than a... Read More >

Which Law School Do Firms Love Best?

by Nicole Weber  |  February 26, 2014

Each year, the National Law Journal publishes a list of "Go-To Law Schools," i.e., the 50 law schools that send the highest percentage of graduates into BigLaw. Columbia is this year's big winner, climbing up from the third place spot it held for the past two years. The elite New York City school sent 65 percent of 2013 graduates to NLJ 250 firms. Penn Law held the #1 spot in 2 Read More >

Check out Vault's 2014 Pro Bono Guide!

by Nicole Weber  |  February 14, 2014

The 2014 edition of the Vault Guide to Law Firm Pro Bono Programs is now available! The guide features detailed information about the pro bono work that 124 top law firms across the country have engaged in over the past few years. Law firms continue to be major providers of pro bono legal services in the current economic client, where the need for representation is high but resources are limited. Whether they are briefing landmark Supreme Court cases or appearing in local courts on behalf... Read More >