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Vault’s Careers Blog covers working world news and trends, with advice and strategies for modern careerists. Careers Blog contributors advise on everything from cover letters to exit interviews, with an ear to the ground on recruiting trends, unemployment numbers, and the ever changing job market.

Contributors have included:

  • Cathy Vandewater: Cathy is an associate producer for A writer, editor, and serial intern, she holds a BFA in Writing from Pratt Institute.
  • Phil Stott: Phil Stott is currently Vault's consulting editor.  Originally from Scotland, he has lived in Eastern Europe, Asia, and the U.S., and has worked in fields such as consumer banking, education, and journalism.

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What Makes a Company a Great Place to Work?

by Vault Careers  |  January 30, 2012

Here at Vault, we've long been aware that, when it comes to choosing a place to work, money isn't the most important factor: firm culture is.* (The reason we know this: our annual surveys of employees at leading professional services firms around the world.) That raises an obvious question: if firm culture is so important to employees, what makes a great culture? To answer that question, we went back to the results of our 2011 Consulting Industry Survey, and singled out the responses... Read More >

Work Smarter: 4 Tips for Increasing Your Productivity

by Vault Careers  |  January 23, 2012

Most people, when asked to produce more work, automatically assume that it's going to require more of their time-that they'll have to work later, or on weekends, to meet whatever demands are being placed upon them. According to executive coach, author and workplace performance expert Jason Womack, however, making some small changes can enable even the most overloaded employee to get more done without increasing hours. Indeed, Womack even claims that his methods can improvethe work-life... Read More >

Insider Secrets From A Human Resources Veteran

by Vault Careers  |  December 28, 2011

Going to school and getting your degree isn't always enough when applying for jobs in your desired profession.  The degree won't keep you from getting lost on the way to your first big job interview nor will it prepare you for when you arrive late and flustered and offer your interviewer a sweaty handshake.  These are the mistakes that will cost people their jobs.   As a result, 60-percent of recent college graduates do not have full-time jobs in their fields of study, according to a... Read More >

New Year's Resolutions for Your Career

by Vault Careers  |  December 22, 2011

In just over a week, that ball will drop again in Times Square, and the timer on your New Year's resolutions will begin ticking. Sure, you could stick with the same old diet and fitness resolutions. But while you work toward a smaller waistline, why don't you consider another part of your life that needs an overhaul: your career. If you're stuck in a dead-end job, are hoping to change careers, or are unemployed, make 2012 your year for career success. Below are some New Year's resolutions... Read More >

7 Tips: Writing Interview Thank You Notes

by Vault Careers  |  December 15, 2011

Now that you've gone through the interview process, it's time to make a final impression with a big merci beaucoup. Thank you notes may seem like useless formalities, but sending a well-written thank you after your job interview is an important step toward landing the gig. In fact-as FINS notes in its recent post on interview follow-up-a 2011 Career Builder survey found that 22 percent of hiring managers would not pursue candidates who failed to send thank you notes. Inspired by FINS' guide... Read More >

Career Tips: The Truth About Bad News

by Vault Careers  |  December 12, 2011

Today's headlines: The market is down. The unemployment crisis continues. Young people are losing hope in their ability to make a contribution to the economy. Another company has announced layoffs. Discouraged yet? Faced with the torrents of bad news and negative headlines, it can be easy to lose sight of your own objectives, and to give up hope of finding a new job or changing careers. After all, what's the point of searching for a new job when unemployment is above 8 percent? And why... Read More >

Targeting Your Best Companies to Work For

by Vault Careers  |  December 08, 2011

This week, Crain's revealed its annual list of the Best Places to Work 2011. These top 50 employers are focused on their employees, offering such benefits as control over one's work schedule (The North Highland Co.), an open communications policy (Hunton & Williams), unlimited vacation days (ZocDoc), time off for work completed on weekends (New York Cares), and mentorship opportunities (Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants). And let's not forget happy hours, parties and collegial work... Read More >

Tips for Using Your Cell Phone at Work

by Vault Careers  |  December 06, 2011

We cannot escape it: cell phones have become so prevalent, that whether you use them at your job or not, they still find a way to interfere with your work day. From personal calls and important emails to Facebook status updates and a pressing need to use all your letters in Words With Friends, it's hard to tear people away from their cell phones. But that doesn't give people a right to abuse their phones during the work day. There is a proper way to use a cell phone at your job.  1. Don't... Read More >

Networking Tips to Speed Up Your Job Search

by Vault Careers  |  December 06, 2011

By Debra Feldman  You've probably heard too many times that the best way to find a new job, especially in today's highly competitive environment is through networking. What if you don't have a good network or your contacts are not able to help you? The right connections are individuals who have the authority to hire you or introduce you to these decision makers. Usually they are employees or former employees and retirees of your target companies or others who may have internal con Read More >

6 Tips For Finding A Job In Today's Competitive Market

by Vault Careers  |  December 05, 2011

In today's tough job market, those looking for work will have to try extra hard to attract the attention of potential employers with a well-written resume and cover letter that highlights their relevant skills and helps them stand out from a crowded field of qualified applicants.  Sometimes that's not even enough.  Competition is good, especially if you're winning.  Here's how to get on top and get the job you want: Be honest.  Job seekers who have been out of work for a while, either due... Read More >